AWS Redshift: Serverless vs Provisioned Cluster

Overview of AWS Redshift Serverless along with its comparison with provisioned cluster.

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AWS introduced Amazon Redshift Serverless in the year 2022. With this, you don’t have to worry about setting up, configuring, managing clusters, or even tuning the data warehouse. This automatically provisions and scale the underline infrastructure for you.

The post assumes, you have a prior knowledge of AWS Redshift. If not, it will be difficult for you to grasp the content here. If you are interested in learning the topic of AWS Redshift, you can enroll for the Udemy course — AWS Redshift — A Comprehensive Guide.

Redshift serverless clearly brings multiple benefits for the organizations and individuals. With this, they can focus on their core needs, which is deriving the data insights. The organizations need to pay only for what they consume. This can help them, in managing the costs better.

A different provision style of serverless, does not impact the redshift features or performance. You will continue to run analytics use cases, with high performance, rich SQL features, and integration with other services, similar to the option of provisioning a redshift cluster on your own.

AWS is advocating to give serverless, as the first preference. It recommends to use the provisioned cluster option, only if you need fine-grained control of redshift platform.

Lets try to understand, how the serverless is different than the provisioned cluster, from a holistic perspective.

Managing Redshift

Workgroup and Namespaces

Fig: AWS Redshift: Isolating Workloads using Workgroup, Namespace

In a provisioned cluster you manage the workloads directly. You manage the compute nodes and the leader node as part of the cluster. With serverless, to isolate workloads and manage resources, you can create workgroups, and namespaces.

The workgroup helps you in ensuring, you have the required infrastructure in place. As part of this, you can specify your compute needs, in the…